• City of Philadelphia Roosevelt Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Program
    This transformative planning effort stemmed from a multi-million dollar TIGER grant, with the goal of improving the 12-lane wide corridor for all modes. RE brings creativity and horsepower to the project’s traffic engineering.
  • DelDOT Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS) Program Planning And Engineering Support Services
    Building on a 20+ year history of experience with the program, RE provides a variety of services including planning, engineering, project management and program management.
  • WILMAPCO SR 141 20-Year Land Use and Transportation Plan
    In our role as Congestion Management Lead for the project, RE turned vision into reality developing three layers of operations data to depict existing conditions along the corridor.
    The public complimented the sophistication and credibility of the project’s traffic data.

Our Services

We are traffic engineers with a passion for planning! Our team has the knowledge and experience to plan and facilitate many kinds of transportation assignments. We excel in working with multidisciplinary teams on collaborative projects.

Program Facilitation

Rybinski Engineering pulls project stakeholders together to get real work done. In addition to facilitating collaboration, we contribute outstanding performance of technical tasks to keep projects moving toward their goals.

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As prime consultant on a 5-year open-ended contract for the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), Rybinski Engineering was a lead author of DelDOT’s Strategic Plan for Delaware’s Integrated Transportation Management System. Our action-oriented planning process changed the program for the better before the plan was even published.

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Rybinski Engineering leads DelDOT’s Integration of Operations and Planning program. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration of DelDOT and its agency and academic partners to coordinate DelDOT’s transportation data needs and implement collaboratively funded initiatives including system expansion. This teamwork has produced new products and business processes for DelDOT.

Wearing various hats from planning through implementation, Rybinski Engineering has managed all aspects of DelDOT’s innovative Bluetooth travel time program. Roadside sensors monitor passing Bluetooth devices to provide real-time data on travel time from origin to destination. DelDOT’s Transportation Management Center uses this growing system to provide travel information to the public and to gather high-quality system performance data.


Traffic & Intelligent Transportation System Engineering

From studies to signals, we aim to provide green lights when you need them. As professional traffic operations engineers, we put our knowledge to work in multiple states. Our diverse experience with everything from small rural intersections to large urban arterials will help you get the job done.

graphic of 896 Rybinski Engineering is a traffic engineering and intelligent transportation system (ITS) subconsultant for the Delaware Department of Transportation, working on two adjacent projects on DE 896 at I-95 and DE 40. Multiyear traffic engineering studies cover the gamut: crash studies, traffic monitoring, alternatives evaluation, traffic-responsive signal control, transportation management plans, ITS design, and before-and-after studies.
Photo of traffice engineer Andrea Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia is a vital artery that carries far more traffic than it was designed for. Rybinski Engineering is a major traffic engineering subconsultant for the City of Philadelphia’s “Route for Change” project, implementing a federal grant to transform this 12-lane corridor to accommodate all modes of transportation— safely. Our job is field studies, traffic modeling, and public involvement plans.
Photo of a RR crossing As a subconsultant on DelDOT’s open-ended Project Development and Design contract, Rybinski Engineering has developed transportation management plans and performed traffic monitoring for many DelDOT construction projects statewide. We’ve applied DelDOT’s operations data in unprecedented ways to guide lane closure decisions and understand causes of congestion in work zones. Many of the assignments involve railroad crossings.


Data-Driven Transportation Planning

Our planning work relies on one of our greatest strengths – our ability to listen to your needs. We add our organizational skills, technical knowledge, and creativity to help you align your team to achieve your traffic engineering goals. Rybinski Engineering is a leader in analyzing data from intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Using big-data analytic software packages like Tableau, we make raw data approachable.

Rybinski Engineering was a subconsultant and the congestion management lead on the DE 141 20-Year Land Use and Transportation Plan for the Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO). To achieve the joint vision of WILMAPCO and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), we applied operations data from three different sources to diagnose conditions along DE 141. Travel times and trip distributions came from Bluetooth detectors; traffic volumes and truck percentages were tracked using both portable radar detectors and a system of permanent traffic signal system loops.
As prime consultant for DelDOT, Rybinski Engineering developed the Sussex County Transportation Operations Management Plan (TOMP). We analyzed of months’ worth of 24-hour layered traffic data to fuel data-driven decision making. To develop the plan, we focused on understanding what planners needed in order to shape DelDOT’s project prioritization as well as the Sussex comprehensive plan. This project led to a continued role supporting DelDOT’s statewide congestion management system by providing regular TOMP reports for each county.
In compliance with Federal Highway Administration requirements, WILMAPCO has a congestion management process that measures performance, identifies the causes of congestion, and assesses cost-effective solutions. As the prime consultant for this ongoing effort, Rybinski Engineering analyzes extensive data and performs before-and-after studies. We are transitioning to Bluetooth data for travel time information.



We have developed traffic engineering and intelligent transportation system course materials for purposes ranging from college curricula to individual on-the-job mentoring. A key to success is our ability to adapt the material to learners’ background and knowledge.

Rybinski Engineering leads the Technician Training Program for the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Transportation Management Center. The curriculum is customized for each technician level (0-4). The online training materials are hands-on and interactive, featuring hundreds of self-assessments. A major emphasis of the program is on-the-job assignments and associated mentoring.
Our founder, Holly Rybinski, has been teaching since 1998. She has developed and taught over a dozen classes and seminars on traffic engineering and intelligent transportation systems for both the University of Delaware and the DelDOT. Many of her efforts have involved collaboration between academia and government.
We often create training presentations and exercises for our own staff. Trainings have focused both on “soft” skills like teamwork, running meetings, and managing projects and on more technical topics like field safety, applying engineering standards, and data analytics. For example, the data analytics curriculum covers validation and application of data collected from inductive loops, radar detectors, and Bluetooth readers.