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Holly Rybinski, PE, PTOE


Rybinski Engineering's Principal Engineer, Holly Rybinski, PE, PTOE, has over 20-years of experience with successful projects in transportation. A licensed Professional Engineer in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland, and a licensed Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, Holly has enhanced her resume with diverse projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Best known for traffic engineering and intelligent transportation systems, Holly's additional background in planning and project development enables her to add value in any transportation task or project. She is persistent and assertive in helping teams achieve project goals. Holly has developed and taught traffic and ITS course material for both the University of Delaware and the Delaware Department of Transportation. This experience has further reinforced her command of traffic engineering principles and tools such as the Highway Capacity Manual, MUTCD, ITE manuals, and software such as HCS, Synchro and CORSIM. Holly founded this firm to bring together technical expertise, client experience, business best practices, and personal style in building a top-notch team to serve the transportation needs of the region.

Photo of Alyssa May.

Alyssa May, PE

Traffic Engineering Business Line Manager

Alyssa May, PE, is an energetic, versatile Professional Engineer and our Traffic Engineering Business Line Manager. Alyssa is a natural innovator, routinely combining her outstanding computer skills with her creative ideas. She practices what we preach about working smart, routinely shaving minutes and hours off laborious tasks through forethought and computer savviness. Furthermore, Alyssa’s traffic engineering experience is ideal for our clients, as she has spent countless hours performing studies and supporting designs for projects throughout Maryland and Delaware. Alyssa is also remarkably effective at facilitating diverse teams, with an invaluable ability to find common ground.

Photo of Steve Sharp.

Steve Sharp, PE, PTOE

Senior Transportation Engineer

Steve Sharp, PE, PTOE is a proficient, practiced traffic engineer who brings expertise and a critical eye to Rybinski Engineering’s traffic engineering assignments. Through Steve’s dozen-plus years in the industry, he has engineered project studies and designs for public agencies in Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond. Accordingly, in addition to being a go-to resource for industry standards, Steve assists our business development in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Steve has a flair for exploratory research and development of innovative ideas, which suits him perfectly for the integration of operations and planning.

Photo of Dan Ormand

Dan Ormand, PE

Senior Transportation Engineer

Dan Ormand, PE is a professional engineer at the height of his career, with 10 years of experience. He is committed to serving his local community with his traffic engineering and intelligent transportation systems expertise. We couldn’t have asked for a more fitting technical background to fortify and complement our strengths. Dan has a master’s degree in engineering and a mix of abilities. His hands-on traffic signal software experience comes from having spent many hours on site with transportation operations managers. He has been performing traffic studies and traffic design throughout his entire career, so his experience deepens our team in these areas.

Photo of Justin Faucher.

Justin Faucher, PE

Transportation Engineer

Justin Faucher, PE brings six years of experience performing structural inspection, design and documentation. Justin has leveraged his structural expertise to enhance monitoring traffic data on bridges and creating transportation management strategies that effectively support construction. He brings extensive experience both in the field and in the office creating formal documentation of standards. Justin’s diverse capabilities go on, including public outreach and managing complex projects. Also, we’ve learned quickly at Rybinski Engineering… have a computer question, ask Justin!

Photo of Andrea Carberry

Andrea Carberry, EI

Transportation Engineer

After a long, successful internship with WILMAPCO, Andrea Carberry, EI joined us with an eye for detail and good command of engineering principles. She has integrated seamlessly as a Transportation Engineer within our team. Andrea spends most of her weekdays now working with large-scale transportation data, performing traffic engineering analysis, contributing to transportation planning and supporting project management. Andrea is a key player in Rybinski Engineering’s Data Analytics niche which requires balanced knowledge of traffic data requirements, data scrubbing and data collection technologies.

Photo of Vybav Hiraesave (Yb)

Vybav (Yb) Hiraesave, EI

Transportation Engineer

Vybav (Yb) Hiraesave, is a University of Delaware graduate, energetic and eager to establish his career with Rybinski Engineering. His experience interning with DRBA was an excellent foundation that he’s leveraged to succeed in our projects involving transportation management, work zone monitoring and intelligent transportation systems. Yb offers a charismatic and versatile work style and embraces our company culture of harnessing computing potential to generate high quality work efficiently.

Photo of Brad Sandhaus

Brad Sandhaus, EI

Transportation Engineer

Brad Sandhaus, EI is our newest Transportation Engineer. Brad recently completed his Master’s degree at the University of Delaware with a concentration in Civil Infrastructure Systems and is excited to build upon this foundation to contribute to Rybinski Engineering. He is particularly interested in applying the power of engineering to benefit public policy. His outstanding scholastic performance, internship experience and presentation skills will serve him well on our projects!

Photo of Lisa Hetrick

Lisa Hetrick

Administrative Coordinator

Rybinski Engineering’s Administrative Coordinator, Lisa Hetrick, helps keep us “on point” by monitoring expenditures, project schedules, deliverable products and resources. She has a reputation for assisting a team in any way needed, by bringing ideas and creative initiative. She maintains unwavering confidence in our successes. By handling countless administrative duties, Lisa helps us engineers and planners focus our time directly on our clients.